Three Ways That AI Is Changing Digital Marketing

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Three Ways That AI Is Changing Digital Marketing

Every business has to be concerned with the latest trends in digital marketing, and the use of AI and bots is changing everything across the board. while some digital marketing buzzwords and trends quickly fall by the wayside, there are good reasons to believe that AI is going to intersect with business marketing in an even greater way forward. Here are three ways that AI is pushing the evolutionary envelope of digital marketing.

Advertising Culture

The whole culture of advertising is changing in the wake of AI developments, as leveraging big data and the use of artificial intelligence allows digital marketing firms to help brands make changes based on their consumers needs as much as their own perception of self. Bots are making it possible for a corporation or service to target content to consumers that is helpful to them instead of simply disruptive, as previous advertising had a reputation for being. Bots are able to understand increasingly complex user intent and respond instantly, and studies show that consumers are willing to spend more when they are alerted by advertising targeted to very specific personal needs than when they have to notice the need on their own and go hunting for the answer.

Reduced Employee Burdens

One of the greatest benefits to AI is its ability to reduce the amount of effort that employees must expend on the task at hand. All employees have certain strengths, as well as certain weaknesses, and whenever forced to work in areas that demand their weaknesses be tasked, not only do employees tend to perform more poorly at that task, but they even perform more poorly at the tasks they excel in. They are simply distracted from their strengths by being forced to do something else. This is especially the case when employees have to do a high volume of repetitive tasks. Burnout comes quickly in situations like this, especially for employees who are not detail oriented. It’s possible that artificial intelligence will run most of the Internet marketing and digital marketing strategies of any business in the not-too-distant future. Automated tasks will be outsourced to bots and employees can concentrate on their areas of strength.

Better Customer Service

Customers and clients are the lifeblood of any company, and how they think of a brand directly impacts their decisions to spend money. The chatbot is changing everything when it comes to providing better customer service. Unlike a human, the chatbot never gets offended or frustrated. And while there is still work to be done to make chatbot a more seamless experience for consumers, the time is coming when people will not be able to tell whether they are talking to human or an AI when reaching out to customer service on the company website.

Things have never changed more quickly than they are changing these days in the digital marketing space. The marketing agency is more crucial than ever because of how important it is to companies to keep on top of the latest trends and technological developments. Just staying near the top of the page for search engine hits can be difficult enough, given that Google is estimated to be updating its algorithm between 500 and 600 times every year. Combine that with the fact that almost half of all people say that the design of a website is the primary thing they consider when deciding whether a business is credible or not and it becomes clear how completely crucial it is to get the right Internet marketing agency behind any businesses digital marketing strategy. We don’t know exactly what the future’s going to look like, but it’s bound to be an exciting ride and it’s likely to exceed all our expectations.

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