Why Including Actual Copies of Designs is Important for Design Portfolios

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Why Including Actual Copies of Designs is Important for Design Portfolios

Design portfolios

Design portfolios are essential for all freelance graphic and web designers. These design portfolios allow freelancers to create a showcase of previous works that allow potential clients to evaluate and determine if they should hire that particular freelancer for a specific job.

Many freelancer graphic and web designers just toss together a designer portfolio and hope for the best, but if you hope to land a job it is important to spend a little time on the design portfolio you create. After all, design portfolios are what will ultimately land you a job as the design portfolio examples allow clients to determine if they want to work with a specific freelancer.

When creating a graphic design portfolio it is essential to try and include actual copies of the work that you have done. If you have worked on a brochure for a doctor’s office, include the actual brochure. If you have worked on an ad campaign for a major retail store, include that in the portfolio. Including the actual copy of the work in design portfolios allows clients to physically see what the final product looks like.

Obtain a physical copy of the final project can be tough for people who are trying to freelance as a web designer. When creating web design portfolios you can include copies of the websites and graphics you have designed. The copies placed in design portfolios should be high quality copies of the work. Consider stopping at a professional printer and having copies of the website or design made for the design portfolios.

Potential clients will ultimately design to hire a freelancer based off of their designer portfolio. Spend time on the design portfolios you create and make sure they are a good representation of the work that you do. Well thought out design portfolios will leave a lasting impression on potential clients and help you land a job.

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