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How Is PCB Assembly Done Today? A Step-By-Step Look At What Goes Into A Circuit Board

The circuit board is a powerful piece of technology.

How can something so small create some of today’s fastest and most flexible devices? This is the beauty of the printed circuit board, a creation that’s only gotten better with each new year. Back in the day they had to be crafted by hand, sometimes with less-than-stellar results, and could only be so small. Now you can hire PCB assembly services to put together a large order in a fraction of the time, with thrice the quality. How does it all work?

Let’s take a look at how the custom PCB is made nowadays and what you can expect from an order.

Circuit Boards Back In The Day Were Cumbersome And Slow

It’s dazzling observing the average circuit board today. They’re complex creations, covered in angular lines and made out of impossibly thin materials. Now imagine what it was like making them back when technology wasn’t as convenient. Back in the day a single automatic line had se

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