Don’t Make These 4 Security Recruitment Mistakes

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Don’t Make These 4 Security Recruitment Mistakes

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Everyone knows that IT security is imperative to the survival and success of a business. Unfortunately, some companies are struggling to find and keep skilled software developers and security professionals on staff.

If your IT security recruiters are putting time and energy into their search but are still having a hard time finding talented security staff, you may be making one of the following mistakes.

Four Reasons Your Security Staffing is Failing

  1. You are searching in the wrong places
    Software developers and cybersecurity specialists might be hidden in plain sight. In fact, the best security professionals sometimes come from various unrelated fields. Trying thinking ? and then looking ? outside the box.
  2. Your scope is too narrow
    Too many companies set unreasonably rigid and excessively specific requirements for their candidates. They say they need applicants to be pre-trained in cybersecurity, expecting them to have studied the field in college. The problem with this expectation is that the cyber landscape is always evolving and the field is so broad that few candidates have had the time to study every aspect and specialize in all skills. Here is a tip ? rather than seeking out applicants with a very specific set of skills, look for candidates who have mastered the fundamentals and show the drive to learn and grow.
  3. You are not offering sufficient compensation
    Let?s be honest, money is a factor. If you want top talent, you need to be willing to pay top dollar. Unfortunately, many companies are reluctant to increase their labor costs, which consequently limits their pool of interested applicants.
  4. You have too many people and not talent
    If you are facing a security challenge, your first instinct may be to just throw more people at the problem. Maybe the department is stretched too thin? In reality, that may not be the case. The key is to hire the right people with the best sets of skills. Creative thinkers and software developers are more likely to come up with an innovative solution to the problem. Don?t overcrowd the department; this could just hike up your labor costs and decrease productivity.

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