Good Designer Portfolios Help Professionals

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Good Designer Portfolios Help Professionals

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Do you work in the visual design industry? Are you an aspiring graphic designer, interior designer, or any other type of designer? If so, you may consider a designer portfolio. Obviously, a designer portfolio can function well as a marketing piece. That being said, a designer portfolio also helps you keep tabs on your own creative evolution, and helps you plan where you want your design to go from here.

A designer portfolio is a great marketing tool, for it lets clients see what kind of a design sense you have. Take a graphic design portfolio. Assembling one can let the client see if your commercial logos and marks are in line with the aesthetic the client possesses. Web design portfolios are even more useful in this regard, for they let clients see what type of website they are getting before they invest thousands of dollars into a website. Designer portfolios are often useful for interior designers and urban designers as well, not to mention architects.

More importantly, a good designer portfolio lets you see your creativity process over the years. If you are a new professional, you designed differently than in high school. Similarly, a mid career professional may have more mature designs than a newer designer. Good designer portfolios let you see changes in design, how you made those changes, and what you can learn to mature your changes even more.

So how do you construct a good designer portfolio? Look at design portfolio examples online. You could organize things thematically, based on design principles utilized. Or you could organize your designer portfolio chronologically. However you do it, make sure it has an inherent order.

A designer portfolio is a great way to market and mature your own work. So if you are a professional, either build one today, or update your existing portfolio. Once you see your new designer portfolio work seeping into your work, you may be glad you reexamined it.

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