How Satellite Communication Technology Can Help You

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How Satellite Communication Technology Can Help You

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There are currently an estimated 491 satellite telecommunication providers in the United States, employing an estimated 14,301 people and generating an estimated $6 billion in revenue every year. The industry is experiencing a steady growth, with the field expanding 3.4% annually from 2008 to 2013. This growth is likely due to the various applications mobile satellite communications offer a variety of businesses because of their ability to work well in remote areas. This function is particularly useful to construction companies who require mobile communication devices for their remote construction sites, such as construction site radios.

A communications satellite, also called a comsat, is an artificial satellite sent into space for the purpose of telecommunication. This technology dates back to the first artificial satellite, called Echo 1, which was launched by NASA in the 1960s. Primarily, satellite communication was designed to be used for intercontinental long distance telephony, a use that is arguably its most important. However, it is currently used for a variety of purposes, particularly in the form of mobile communication systems, such as phones and radios.

Satellite communication can be accomplished in a variety of ways. To be used on a large scale, a local telephone system can be set up in an isolated area with a link to a telephone system in a more populated area. On a smaller scale, however, radios are often the preferred mobile satellite system. While satellite radio in countries such as the United States often high quality broadcast radio and other services to mind, two-way radios also utilize satellites to communicate over great distances and in areas without cell towers. This makes it one of the best communication systems for remote areas.

If you need to communicate over a great distance in an area where normal forms of communication, like cell phones, cannot be used, you may find that mobile satellite technologies offer you the service you need. Whether you’re working for a construction company in a remote area or are otherwise employed in an isolated location, going without a method of contact is not an option. Find out if construction site radios and other forms of satellite communication technology could suit your needs.
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