How Technology Can Improve Your Business

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How Technology Can Improve Your Business

As technology advances, there are multiple software applications that can help your business run smoother and more efficiently. Here you will find a quick rundown of a few applications that can make a difference in your business.

User Provisioning Software

User provisioning software is designed to help businesses and organizations easily manage user information across multiple platforms. Essentially, it functions as an identity management system. It is also responsible for controlling user access levels to company information and digital functions. Think of how your computer asks for administrator permission when you try to start different programs, user provisioning software manages those permissions within the whole company. This makes it easy on supervisors to set the access for each employee, without having to manually change the system. When deciding what applications should be set at a higher access level, consider which contain information, or could be harmful if hacked, or otherwise accessed without authorization. This can make it easier, especially if your company uses a lot of online applications, to decide what systems are most important. A huge plus is that this system functions company wide, allowing managers to oversee the access of everyone, not just at one particular site. This is particularly useful if you have multiple locations throughout the country, or even employees who work remotely.

Meeting Solutions

Trying to hold meetings when not everyone can make it to the office can be difficult. Conference calls, depending on the amount of people involved can get confusing really quickly, and there is no opportunity to show data graphs or important information. Cisco Jabber is one example of a solution to your meeting problems. Capable of instant messaging, and voice/video conferencing this type of software can allow you the benefits of face to face communication, without the hassle of trying to get everyone into one office. With communication business applications like this you can also access directly from Microsoft office, which can make sharing important documents in real time no problem. Programs like this are becoming more and more necessary, Upwork, an online website that allows users to find freelancers for their companies, reports that 38% of HR managers anticipate a majority of their employees will commute remotely within the next 10 years. Implementing a meeting solution with video chat and easy document sharing is vital to being able to function without hassle in these situations.

Chatbots for Your Site

If you are looking to take your business website to the next step, consider implementing a chatbot. This technology has come along way in a short time. Chatbots are programmed to stimulate conversation with users to your website. This can be particularly helpful when it comes to answering user questions about products, processes, or troubleshooting. They can quickly access required information and relay what is necessary to the appropriate user, while interacting with multiple users at once. Certain models can function as learning virtual intelligence, depending on what boundaries are implemented in their tasks. In addition to acting as an interactive question and answer section, chatbots can also serve as a source of entertainment for site visitors. There’s something about conversing with a artificial intelligence that sparks human curiosity. Chatbots can also function as a welcoming service to your site, instructing visitors on your company’s services and products.

These are just a few quick examples of how certain software applications can help make business run smoother, and take it to the next level. From user provisioning software to site integrated chatbots, there is a plethora of options that can work for you. Have you implemented any of the above in your own business? How has it helped improve the workflow and communication? Let us know below in the comments!

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