The Advertising Company You Choose Makes a Difference

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The Advertising Company You Choose Makes a Difference

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The success of online marketing has left some companies wondering if using a TV advertising agency is antiquated. But studies show that the average person spends a total of nine years of their life watching television, and that a child watches about 20,000 commercials a year.

This means that TV commercial advertising will still reach a larger number of viewers despite the growth of sites like YouTube. Next to Google, YouTube is considered the most widely used search engine. So if you are trying to figure out the best way to market your company, help from a TV advertising agency, as well as the best digital marketing experts may be the best way to go.

Here are few tips on how to find the right advertising company.

  • Multi-Media. Because there are millions of people worldwide that use the internet, not just Americans, you will want to find an advertising agency that works with a wide variety of media outlets. This means they will help you advertise on the internet, TV, radio, and even print. While it may seem that print is fast fading into a thing of the past, newspapers and magazines still have a significant readership, and you could be missing out on a lot potential customers if you ignore those mediums.
  • Check Their Work. Any company can claim to do top-notch work, but until you see what they have done, you won’t be able to verify that. Ask each company you interview for samples of their work to make sure that they have effective marketing strategies in place. If you don’t like the commercials they have done, or their ad campaigns, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t like what they do with your company, but there’s a pretty good chance.
  • Numbers. Ask each company you interview for hard numbers. They should be able to provide you with how much of a profit their previous clients have experienced from their advertising strategies. Essentially, you have to know that the return on investment will be worth it. Also, find out how much it costs to run 30-second or 60-second commercials, short online videos, and social media clips. This way you can compare prices, though cheaper does not always mean better.

With the help of the right ad agency, you could be on your way to drawing in more customers, and boosting your company’s profits. Find more on this topic here.

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