Seawall Erosion Repair

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Seawall Erosion Repair

One of the most common causes of seawall failure is soil erosion. At high tide, the water pressure exerted on the outside must equal the pressure exerted from the soil on the landward side. If the soil has voids, and therefore less pressure, the sea wall will not be properly supported. Cracks will occur and in the worse case, the sea wall could fail. This video shows how companies make seawalls and complete seawall erosion repair.

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Addressing soil erosion is the first step in property maintenance. Remember, a small sinkhole on the surface can be a sign of a much larger void below the surface. Once an area begins to wash out underground, it will typically expand and quickly migrate if left unattended. It is clear repair is needed when the accumulated ground and stormwater was traveling underneath the seawall and through its joints and minor defects. The result is a 5- to the 6-foot thick impermeable mass of grouted fill material that extends 4 feet below the foundation of the wall. Consequently, the grout wall now supports the seawall and prevents water from eroding soils through its defects.

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