The Functions of Environmental Test Chambers

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The Functions of Environmental Test Chambers

Perhaps environmental test chambers sound futuristic, but, in reality, they are used daily and currently. According to this video by “Scientific Climate Systems,” they are essential to manufacturing businesses and others for various reasons.

The video explains how environmental test chambers are designed and built by their experienced company for each manufacturing customer by custom design. Manufacturing companies’ needs vary according to the products and services provided, so SCS plans and executes each design specification to protect those products and services.

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These environmental test chambers by SCS provide the exact temperature and humidity required. The company also builds and provides controlled cold rooms.

The video further states the materials, methods, and types of designs offered and optional features such as sizes, lighting, sophisticated controls, and air quality.

Some environmental test chambers are large enough to walk into or small enough to place manufactures items into for protection. However, SCS explains that their primary purpose, no matter the size or design, is to protect the items in the manufacturing process or storage.

For instance, archival chambers protect rare books, art, photos, or film from degrading from common environmental elements existing outside of any chambers.

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