What is the Tech Solutions Profession Like?

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What is the Tech Solutions Profession Like?

Are you considering a tech solutions role as your next career? Are you wondering what your everyday role would look like? Check out the video and read on to learn more.

Technology solutions sales professionals meet with customers and determine their needs for particular kinds of electronic hardware and software. These products include computers and servers, office management and word processing software, and complicated data storage and information security systems.

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Technology solutions sales can mean everything from retail sales direct to consumers to complex, long-term sales contracts for large-scale corporate software or equipment solutions. A technology solutions sales professional must be able to communicate the technical details and capabilities of products to clients and demonstrate how the equipment will meet the clients’ needs.

Technology solutions sales representatives are responsible for meeting with customers, assessing their needs for either hardware or software, and providing bids and negotiation for these customers. A technology solutions sales rep should have experience with sales, presentation, and various technologies.

Some technology companies have training programs for technology solutions sales professionals. Others require a track record in sales. Technology solutions sales professionals who perform well can advance into sales management positions, overseeing sales professionals for a particular region or territory, or working with clients with more extensive technology needs.

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