Heres Why Online Gaming is Actually Beneficial

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Heres Why Online Gaming is Actually Beneficial

Over the years, video games, whether disk, cartridge, or online gaming, have gotten a bad rap for being unproductive and lacking meaning. Video games have also been credited with increased levels of addiction, aggression, and depression. However, video games offer gamers many benefits that might help offset their drawbacks.

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Read below about why online gaming benefits players.

Video games improve memory and visual navigation skills. A 2015 study done by the University of California pitted gamers against non-gamers. The study found that gamers who played three-dimensional games performed better than those who played two dimension games and people who didn’t game at all.

Another benefit of video games, including online games, is that they help improve problem-solving skills. A 2013 study by the Journal of Youth and Adolescence found that gamers who played strategic games had better problem-solving skills than people who didn’t. Strategic online games have also been credited with improved grades.

The third benefit of video games is better attention allocation. One MRI study by Dr. Daphne Beverly found that the three sections of the brain associated with attention had better performance in people who played video games than those who didn’t. This longer attention span can be incredibly beneficial in a world where many young people have Attention Deficit Disorder. .

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