Your Website Is Your Best Tool In Finding Customers Five Essential Features To Boost Your First Impression

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Your Website Is Your Best Tool In Finding Customers Five Essential Features To Boost Your First Impression

Good web design translates to regular customers. This only gets more true with time.

A website that looks shiny and attractive one year can be completely obsolete the next. Digital marketing tactics regularly change on a dime, reflecting the dynamic nature of the Internet in more ways than one. Staying ahead of the pack means being just as dynamic yourself. A marketing consulting firm can provide you all the tools and tips you need to make sense of it all. This can include web design services, SEO tactics, and content marketing strategies…just to name a few!

If you’ve never worked with an Internet marketing company, here’s what you should know to start cultivating success as soon as possible.

Understanding The Power Of The Search Engine

The search engine is how most people interact with the Internet. We’re always searching for products to buy, services to use…and that’s before we get into just casual browsing! Google receives nearly four billion search queries every single day, leading the pack with Bing and Yahoo coming up behind. SEO agencies have thrived as a result, providing businesses the means of standing out in search engines. Since most customers don’t look past the first page of results, SEO can provide unobtrusive ways of redirecting curious browsers to businesses they need.

Content Marketing For Your Repeat Customers

You know search engine optimization can help you snag new customers…but what about keeping old customers around? Content marketing is where you’ll want to turn to. Compared to traditional marketing tactics (think newspaper advertisements or billboards), content marketing has been found to generate three times as many leads. That’s because it allows customers to engage with your business beyond just a purchase. They can visit your blog for fun how-to guides or browse your social media account for useful reviews.

Crafting A Mobile Friendly Website For Everyone

You won’t be able to get repeat customers or new customers if your website isn’t mobile-friendly. Think about how many people today browse for products and services on their phone. Why would they want to spend money on a business that can’t even get the first impression right? A recent study asking consumers what they want most out of business websites saw 70% stating mobile optimization. Think about this next time you reach out to a web design company for improvements…you’ll be amazed at what a small touch-up can do!

Using A Long-Term Digital Marketing Strategy

It’s hard to reach your destination without a plan. Even a loose one can keep you from wandering off into the proverbial woods and losing sight of your goal. The top two priorities for businesses — according to a 2017 study — were driving sales at 50% and building brand awareness at 45%. The positive user experience remains the most important factor, says Econsultancy, and web development services are one of the best ways of getting there. Ask a digital agency how a long-term digital marketing plan can help create the path you need to cut through the noise.

Maintaining An Appealing Web Design Presence

All of the above isn’t going to be possible without an attractive website. Forget the days of garish text and broken buttons — most customers today will click the back button if you don’t have the basics in hand. Your website should have its most essential information in an easy-to-follow format, with contact info and supplemental blogs at the forefront. Your color schemes should be simple and mobile optimization is an absolute must. Standards only get higher by the day.

A website design agency has the answers you need. Reach out to them and make sure you’re never left in the dust.

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