10 Great Places to Submit Graphic Design Commission Work

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10 Great Places to Submit Graphic Design Commission Work

Working as a graphic designer is a great way to get creative for a living, whether you are doing so for a design firm or independently. If you are looking for a way to work on solo projects, consider graphic design commission work that may be available near you. If you are new to the prospect of commissioning your work, consider researching graphic design commission work opportunities near you to learn more about your options. The more local connections you are able to make as a graphic designer, the easier it will be to land clients to keep you in business for years to come.

1. Animal Control

Offering graphic design commission work to the local animal control service may not be your first thought when you ponder the idea of breaking into the world of design, but it can lead to potential opportunities. Whether your local animal control focuses on picking up stray dogs in your area or even on raccoon removal, the location of your animal control office may require a bit of design to put it on the map.

How to Offer Design to Animal Control Services

Because many animal control services and offices are either government or state-sponsored, you may need to seek permission to provide services by visiting a local council meeting. Drafting a proposal and demonstrating why an animal control service may require a logo or additional design can help convince those who are in charge of the budget to permit your work. You can also speak with representatives directly at the animal control location to determine who you should talk to regarding your wish to provide graphic design services.

2. Attorney-at-Law

If you’re looking for a way to offer graphic design commission work, and you’re new to the idea of working on your own, you may find the perfect opportunity by approaching an attorney-at-law. Whether you know of a well-known disability lawyer in your area or if your town is littered with family court attorneys, you can offer your design services to help each individual spread the word about the legal services and the representation they currently offer.

Advantages of Offering Design Services to Local Attorneys

Offering graphic design services to local attorneys can help you make connections with professionals in your area, which can lead to future referrals and recommendations for clients and work. Local attorneys who are new to a town or city may not already have an online presence or a logo to represent them. Additionally, lawyers and attorneys who work in law for a living will have no difficulties paying a professional graphic designer to get the job done right.

3. Veterinarian

If you’re an avid animal lover or if you’re interested in going into the world of animals and non-profit organizations as a graphic designer, consider helping local veterinarians or a local pet hospital near you with their design elements. From designing and pitching a brand-new logo to creating themed decor for a local veterinarian’s office, there are many different ways to go about lending a helping hand as a graphic designer when you want to work with those who take care of animals near you. Depending on where you live and the type of pet hospitals you have accessible to you, it may be possible to approach each individually and independently.

In some cases, however, a veterinarian’s office may be managed by a larger company or corporation. If this is the case in your city or town, it may be difficult to discuss potential design opportunities with anyone who is working on-site at the office or hospital themselves. However, you may be able to request additional information to speak to a proper representative about the potential opportunities you may have as a graphic designer, especially if the location does not yet have any branding or a logo to their name.

4. Plumber

Another way to put yourself on the map as a local graphic designer is to consider working with independent plumbers or even local commercial plumbing companies in your area. Offering design services to local contractors and companies is one of the fastest ways to spread the word about the type of design work you are capable of doing. If you are thinking of approaching a plumber or a company regarding the design skills you have to offer, consider how you will be improving upon their current business model and the benefits that come with hiring you.

As with any independent contractor or company, you may need to present the purpose of hiring you as a designer before you are chosen to take on a new client or job. Proving to a local plumber or plumbing company that your services are worthy is key to ensuring you are able to maintain a steady workflow. Showcase your portfolio while highlighting local and business benefits that may come to a plumbing company or contractor near you if they should choose to hire you for your graphic design services.

5. Hotel

Once you begin to feel confident in your design skills, and you have a solid local portfolio under your belt, you can consider seeking graphic design commission work by visiting local hotels near you. While most hotels may be owned by a larger hotel system or conglomerate, there is also a possibility to find a hotel that is self-owned and managed by an individual property investor. If you live in an area where the hotel and hotel phone system is owned and operated by one individual or even by a local family, you may be in luck when it comes time to pitch the graphic design services you are looking to commission.

When approaching a hotel, consider any themes and current aesthetics that are in place throughout the hotel. Pitching a graphic design gig may require you to take the time to get to know more about any prospective hotel you’re interested in working for or creating new logos and imagery for regarding your design job. Researching each hotel you’re interested in designing for on an individual basis can significantly increase your odds of landing a contract or a new client, regardless of the level of experience you have in the industry of graphic design.

6. Landscaper

Another way to connect with local companies and service providers as a professional graphic designer is to consider offering your skills to local landscaping providers and contractors. Whether a local landscaper specializes in planting flowers and trees or even weed control, you can help them to spread the word about the services they offer with the right look and logo. As a graphic designer, you will be responsible for designing the look and feel of many business and professional personas. Working with a landscaper provides a great opportunity to connect with local entrepreneurs and workers while also networking for potential referrals and recommendations for work in the future.

How to Connect With a Local Landscaper

If you are interested in designing nature-themed logos or if you’re just looking to help local service providers and independent contractors, you may be wondering where to begin when it comes time to connect with landscapers near you. Contacting landscapers directly can be done by checking local business listings, online directories, and even by asking neighbors and local members of your community for referrals. You can call landscaping companies and contractors directly to inquire about their current online and offline presence. Visiting landscaping companies in person may also provide you with a unique opportunity to demonstrate your skills by showcasing your graphic design portfolio, which may incentivize a landscaper or company you take you on as a designer.

7. HVAC Contractor

If you’re interested in providing commercial graphic design commission work, you may want to consider starting off your career by approaching local HVAC companies or providers. HVAC companies that offer furnace and AC installation solutions, inspections, and repairs, are widely known in cities of all sizes, rural or urban. If you want to break into the commercial industry, you will have a much greater chance of doing so when you opt to approach an independently owned HVAC company or business.

Why Approach HVAC Companies and Contractors

In just about every city or state there will be hundreds of HVAC companies and thousands of HVAC contractors, depending on where you live. Many HVAC companies and independent contractors may not already have an official website or online presence. This presents a unique opportunity to be the first professional to offer logo design, a website, or various design elements that can help them to promote the services they specialize in to their prospective customers and clients. Approaching HVAC companies and contractors can help you to get your foot in the door if you are entering the realm of professional graphic design for the very first time.

8. Cleaning Service

If you are looking for a way to offer graphic design commission work, but you are working as a new designer, consider offering logos and business cards to a local house cleaning service or an independent house cleaner. With millions of house cleaners around the globe and plenty of individuals looking to go solo and work independently as professional cleaners, there is no shortage of opportunities when it comes to promoting the design services you currently have to offer. Finding local cleaning services and joining various communities online and off can help provide insight into the independent contractors and cleaning solutions that you have available near you.

Offering design services to an independent house cleaner or a small local cleaning company is a great way to put yourself on the map as a designer. Because many house cleaning companies do not yet have a logo or an online presence, your services can help them to stand out from the local competition. Offering to design logos or a website for a cleaner can quickly help you to establish and build a professional portfolio. The more professional your portfolio appears to outsiders, the easier it will be for you to attract new prospective clients in the future.

9. Roofer

When it comes to graphic design commission work, offering your services to a professional roofer or a commercial roof installation company is also recommended. This is especially true for those who have a vested interested in helping local companies and businesses promote their own services. If you are committed to connecting with local companies and service providers, working with roofers can be a great place to begin.

Why Offer Design Services to Local Roofers

Offering your graphic design services to local roofers is not only a way for you to network and make new professional connections, but it is also a way for you to establish a reputation as a professional designer. Working with local roofers can help you to promote the providers near you while potentially providing you with access to future discounts on roofing services you may require for your own home. When you choose to help an independent roofer or a roofing company near you, it is also much easier to receive recommendations and referrals in the future, as they are likely to refer you if they are satisfied with your work.

10. Religious Institution

If you want to think outside the box when you are pitching your graphic design commission work you can also consider the opportunity to visit local religious institutions, such as churches, synagogues, and mosques, depending on where you currently live. Providing design for an actual church or even the church services they host can help attract newcomers to the location while showcasing specific topics, subjects, or areas of expertise the church practices in. Connecting with one religious institution may also be the key for you to gain access to additional churches and gathering locations in your city or town.

Finding graphic design commission work is not always easy or an overnight process, but it is possible with hard work and enough commitment. Understanding the type of work you enjoy doing and taking pride in your personal style can go a long way in landing new clients and building a professional reputation. Whether you prefer making logos or sketching unique design elements, finding the commission work you need becomes much easier over time as you grow more comfortable in your skin and role.

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