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How to Work with Professional Web Designers for the Best Results

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Did you think that just because so many marketers out there have dubbed this the Age of Content that your website design is no longer relevant? If so, you were dead wrong, but take heart: you certainly weren’t alone in that thought.

The truth is, as Forbes details, that professional web design has likely never been more important. While it’s undoubtedly true that crafting a sensible e mail marketing service, getting noticed on social media, and producing great blog content are all crucial to your success online, web design has the power to color everything you do. That means that if your site looks like garbage — despite the quality of your content — web users wil

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Optimized Websites Can Help Any Business Attract New Customers

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On Black Friday in 2012, mobile shopping accounted for just over 16% of all sales. This represents the fact that shopping while on the go using smartphones and tablets is becoming more and more popular. On top of that, according to Google survey, 67% of consumers that that a mobile friendly site is more likely to receive their business, making mobile web design the next major trend in online marketing.

Two of the most important facets of a mobile website, for users, are ease of use and navigability. If a user tries to access a website but has trouble navigating or finding the information that they need quickly, they might not stay for long. Generally, website visitors decide if they want to stay on a web site in the first two to four seconds that they are there. So it