Three Social Media Marketing Tips Straight From the Experts

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Three Social Media Marketing Tips Straight From the Experts

Inbound marketing vs outbound marketing

A representative from The Huffington Post recently attended Social Media Marketing World 2014 an international conference in San Diego. The Huffington Post was quick to dish on top social media marketing firms’ best-kept secrets. From visual-based content, Facebook, and Twitter, marketers have plenty of opportunity to get their name and/or brand out there — especially in 2014. Here are some key highlights:

Create Striking Visuals

The rising popularity of image-sharing sites such as Pinterest and Instagram make it perfectly clear: consumers are leaning toward visual formats. Compelling visuals can capture users’ interest in seconds — an opportunity social media firms cannot rely on from text alone. “Photos make up 93 percent of the most engaging posts on Facebook,” The Huffington Post adds. Local SEO consultants add that you do not necessarily need a product to advertise. USA Today recommends carefully photo documenting successes to advertises services. “One way to begin is by capturing online references to your work, such as awards, newsletter mentions or newspaper mentions. You can even immortalize the big day when you reach a milestone on your favorite social media platform,” USA Today explains.

Social Media Sites Are Not Created Equal: Effectively Use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Remember to treat each social media site correctly — and as separate, unique tools. While Facebook advertising depends on engaging visual content, Twitter is famous for its 140 character word limit. Views, retweets, and conversations depend on short, punchy titles or sentences. Instagram is on the opposite end of the spectrum, relying on visuals alone.

Quality Is King

Assertions that content is king are only partially correct. Remember, Google is constantly tweaking algorithms to catch — and bounce back — low quality writing. Make it count, and avoid wasting time by crafting quality content. What does quality entail? Make sure content is current, well-researched, free of grammatical and spelling errors, and inappropriate language.

Rise above your competition with effective social media and SEO marketing. Social media marketing firms can stay one step ahead by focusing on quality writing and striking visual-based content. More:

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